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Conception Guide: E-Book & Webinars

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Your one stop for all the information you need to confidently track your cycle, learn more about your hormones, and optimize your chances of getting pregnant each cycle.

This course is for those starting out on their fertility journey who don’t want to waste any time sifting through the countless blog posts & information overwhelm out there on cycle tracking & fertile windows.

By the end if the course, you will know:

  • How to choose an effective cycle tracking app on your phone
  • The menstrual cycle and what all your hormones are up to throughout the cycle
  • Information your period can provide and insight into overall hormone health
  • How and why to track your basal body temperature
  • How and why to monitor cervical mucous changes
  • How to measure urine LH and effectively use that information
  • Nutritional & lifestyle considerations to enhance fertility
  • Key considerations for prenatal supplementation
  • Fertility statistics & when to seek more support




If you want the fast facts on maximizing your chances of connection each month, but not necessarily feeling up to listening to the 7-part webinar (modules ranging from 7-15 minutes long) then the Conception Guide: E-Book option is for you! Check out the Conception Guide: E-Book Only course option.