Discussing topics in women’s health, hormones and naturopathic medicine. The following videos are intended for educational purposes only, and not to replace medical advice.

  • Menstrual Cycle 101 – a brief overview of the hormones and rhythms involved in the menstrual cycle
  • Estrogen – what it does for you!

Progesterone – more then just a pregnancy hormone!

Birth Control Pills – How do they work? What does that mean for your hormone health?

  • Cycle Tracking Apps – what else you need to consider when using these applications to try to achieve pregnancy, or try to avoid pregnancy

PROOV Progesterone Test Strip Review

Featured on CKPG discussing menstrual tracking apps

Click here to access the article and video. 

Curious about my life, naturopathic medicine and how my pregnancy has gone so far? I had the privilege of chatting with Bailey from Theory Hardware in town – check it out!

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