Athletic Performance and Periods

As women, our hormones are in a constant ebb and flow throughout each month. Periods are stimulated by a drop in our progesterone and estrogen, so during menses is when we have our lowest levels of hormones.

As the month progresses, estrogen begins to climb back up, ultimately stimulating an LH surge (from the pituitary) to trigger ovulation. After ovulation is when your body gets the surge of progesterone it needs – around mid-month (mid-cylce) is when your body is going to be exposed to its highest levels of both estrogen and progesterone.

Understanding this fluctuation of hormones is important so you can understand and reflect on how you are feeling physically and mentally.

One of my best friends + badass rock-climbing babes – knowing that I spend a good chunk of my spare time reading about women’s health and periods – sent me this fantastic article discussing the impact of the menstrual cycle and women’s physiology on sport performance. It’s a great read, and even if you’re not a rock climber – the idea can be translated to any sport, and daily living.

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