Histamine and Estrogen

Today I’m talking about the histamine – estrogen connection.

Histamine is an inflammatory mediator released from mast cells of the immune system in response to an allergic stimulus, and histamine if not being broken down correctly, or produced in large quantities, can accumulate in the body.

High estrogen levels can trigger histamine release, and high histamine levels can result in an increase in estrogen production. You can see how that escalates quickly into a downward spiral!

This specific connection between these two biochemically active compounds is important to highlight when working on treatment for allergies and or hormone imbalances. We need to be looking at all aspects of health – making sure we don’t just hone in on the allergies component, and completely miss the hormone aspect or vice versa!

Women are not “little men” and should not be studied or medically treated as such. Yes, antihistamines work wonderfully to get you through in a pinch, but I think it’s important to consider the role of the sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) as well as diet (what you eat can drastically increase your histamine load in the body!) in order to treat the root cause of allergies and or hormone imbalances.

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