Proov Progesterone Test Strip Review

I had the privilege to test out the Proov progesterone test strips. Check out the video I made discussing my experience using the strips, what the strips indicate and who I think could benefit from using the strips. Click the following link to access the video:

Proov Review 


Here are some references discussed in the video:

Proov Test Website

Progesterone and the luteal phase 

Confirmation of ovulation from urine progesterone metabolites 

Progesterone in early pregnancy 



2 thoughts on “Proov Progesterone Test Strip Review

  1. One word of caution for anyone considering proof to test their progesterone levels. I used the kit exactly as directed and the results indicated low progesterone. I immediately followed this up with a visit to the obgyn, who confirmed my progesterone levels were in fact within normal ranges and actually on the high side. When I went back and read the reviews (Amazon for example), I saw this was a very very common complaint and feedback. Please keep this in mind if you plan to test it as it caused me a lot of undue stress. If you are at all concerned about your progesterone levels, I’d recommend checking with your Gyno instead. The in office test ended up being a comparable out of pocket cost as the proov strips with much better accuracy

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      Hi Jess, thanks for the feedback! That is a common comment I’ve heard as well since doing this review, and that is feedback that I’ve given to PROOV. If I’m ever curious about progesterone, I always go for the serum test like you did.

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