Sleep and Fertility

Sleep – one of the fundamentals of health. Did you know a good quality sleep is an important factor that can influence your fertility?

Studies have found that disrupted or poor sleep effects what is called your circadian rhythm which is a fancy name for our sleep wake cycle. Our body and our hormones work in a precise ebb and flow at certain times during the day and night, so when there is a disruption in the circadian rhythm, there is potential to have a disruption in hormone production, metabolism and activity.

Recent studies have looked at the effect of disrupted sleep and altered sleep patterns on the effect of LH, FSH and prolactin – three different hormones produced in the pituitary gland that all influence and impact the reproductive cycle. The research has found that altered sleep patterns (shift work, frequent travel, poor sleep hygiene) are associated with poorer fertility outcomes.

Sleep seems like such a simple thing, I mean we do it every day without really thinking about it! however it is interesting to learn and understand the importance of good sleep and the effect it has on us as humans and our reproductive health


PMID: 31644470

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